Learn Java Programming Fast With These 4 Tips

That’s a nifty little video my friend made about learning java as fast as possible.

Welcome back to Code Java in Color and I’m glad that you decided to tune in again. I have ben travelling a lot and haven’t gotten a chance to make many posts so this is my kind of apology post for you all 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been meddling with open source code a bit and a while back my buddy over at www.javaprogrammingforbeginners.com messaged me and told me about his new post on learning java faster and I was so eager to read it.

What I Think Of The Post

So yeah, I think he did a great job of showing people the best ways to learn java as fast as possible.

In my experience, it’s all about being dedicated to the process of learning new things and mastering programming etiquette as best as possible.

The great thing about open source code and java is that you can create as much as you want without even having to think too hard.

You can code and then as soon as you come to a problem you have the code library necessary to overcome most problems.

The Future Of This Blog

So I just wanted to make a quick post since it’s been a while since I made a post.

I have gotten really busy with my job and it has absolutely taken all of my energy out of me. I love Java programming and making some new code but I have to focus on what keeps me fed.

I will try my best to make more posts but I’m exhausted, I’ll make more articles in the next 2-3 weeks hopefully (maybe earlier).

Until then have a great month guys, thanks for dropping by!

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