Thursday, July 22, 2010

Aamir riding in Dhoom3

Its a strong rumor that Yash Chopra has approached Aamir Khan for a sequel of Dhoom3.
With glamorous Page 3 parties going on allover, rumors and speculations are on its peak. Its a strong rumor that Yash Chopra left a script after attending a party by Mr.Perfectionist.However Aamir is busy promoting his new film "Peepli Live" releasing 13th August.
He has left the script aside for a moment but it will be a great chemistry for fans if Aamir joins Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra on silver screen.
Till now Aamir has always played on the positive side, so it would be a tough decision to make on which side Yash will keep him.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twitter Wars

As per our knowledge Twitter was just a social networking site like many others which we use to share our views and socialize with people. But Twitter seems to have become a battleground for some Bollywood celebrities, to aggressively express their views.
Certain renowned filmmakers like Ram Gopal Varma and Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt are a part of it including Javed Akhtar-Shabana Azmi; film critic Rajeev Masand and Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan too. Also Shobha De's online barbs infuriated Sonam Kapoor and Punit Malhotra.
Ram Gopal Varma(Varma) never leaves a chance to settle scores with Karan.

"I want to remake 'Raavan' and I want to request Mani to remake '(Ram Gopal Varma Ki) Aag'," Varma posted as a reaction to Mani Ratnam's recently released "Raavan" on his Twitter page. It was followed by another post: "I (have) got a better idea... I will make 'My name is Raavan' and Mani should make 'Raavan Ki Kurbaan'."

To which Karan replied: "You have an amazing sense of humor Ramu (Varma)! Never shows up in your films though."

"Karan, because of the constant bashing I receive, I developed my sense of humour as a defence mechanism. And talking of my films not having humour, check out the great comedy I made called 'RGV Ki Aag'." was Varma's quick reply

Varma even made fun of Karan's latest production venture "I Hate Luv Storys".

"I hate 'I Hate Luv Storys' for being a big hit and I love 'I Hate Luv Storys' because its K. Jos's (Karan Johar's) film, who I love to hate and hate to love and that's our love-hate story," Varma posted on his Twitter page.

Karan seems to have taken the message lightly, as he tweeted back: "Superb tweet Ramu!!! You couldn't have worded our 'story' better!!"

Directed by debutant Punit Malhotra "I Hate Luv Storys" instigated other arguments too. Well-known author and columnist Shobhaa De when labelled the movie dumb and wrote on Twitter that Punit ought to be "spanked in public" for making such a film.

She further said, "As for Sonam, the lassie lacks oomph," and "Imran should keep his shirt on... if he doesn’t want the audience to lose theirs."

"Guys please don’t take Shobha De seriously. She’s a fossil who’s getting no action and going through menopause." was Sonam's comment on this which was however deleted within a few minutes.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and lyricist Javed Akhtar and his actress wife Shabana Azmi have crossed swords over profit-sharing in Hindi films on Twitter.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Trisha not likely to taste Khatta Meetha

Priyadarshan, the director of the film Khatta Meetha,seems to be very upset with actress Trisha. Trisha perhaps the undisputed queen of south is not much enthusiastic about her debut in Bollywood. Its like a unwritten rule that film actors do a lot of promotion of the film before its release but Trisha has refused to do it.
She happens to be in Europe for a shoot in K S Ravikumar's film Manmadhan Ambu starring Kamal Hassan.

So now it is upon her to leave Kamal's film and join Akshay. So its indirectly caused a competition between the two. Lets see whosucceeds.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tere Bin Laden -Review

Movie Name- Tere Bin Laden
Cast :Ali Zafar
Barry John (theatre director)
Chinmay Mandlekar
Chirag Vohra
Nikhil Ratnaparkhi
Piyush Mishra
Pradhuman Singh Mall
Rahul Singh
Seema Bhargava
Sugandha Garg
TERE BIN LADEN is a comedy and its story mainly revolves around Karachi based Pakistani reporter Ali Hasan(Ali Zafar). He works in a small TV news channel Danka TV under Majeed Khan(Piyush Mishra). Ali like many others is eager to migrate to U.S. in pursuit of his American dream but his plans are called off due to rejection of visa multiple times succeeding 9/11 attacks.
But our Ali is not a quitter and decides to migrate to U.S. by hook or crook.
He realizes the only way is to make a fake passport but it requires huge amounts of cash.The local travel agent who runs a Company called Laskar-e-Amreeka is hilarious.Now Ali and Gul(Ali's assistant) are covering a rooster crowing competition, in which they find Noora (Pradhuman Singh), a proud poultry breeder and egg producer, who happens to be Osama lookalike.

Rest is better watched and enjoyed yourself how Ali and Gul find accomplices to do the make-up Zoya (Sugandha Garg), write the dialogues Lateef, the tormented colleague, the voice of radio jockey Qureshi to produce the fake Osama tape to achieve fame and glory and sell his interview as a breakthrough scoop to the international media. Unfortunately there are serious ramifications as the White House gets involved and dispatches a agent Ted (Barry John) on Ali’s trial. But he doesn’t foresee the consequences of his act, which include US bombing Iraq among other things. Disturbed by the impact of his act, he wants to come clean. But that will foil his plan to go to America. So he comes up with another plan, which leads to further confusion.

The start is not so funny but bearable and it gets on track when Osama lookalike is introduced.
The first half is a bit dull but after it the the story picks up pace with loads of action. The film has some outrageously funny scenes and punch lines when necessary.Music is given by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy which does not seem to be one of their best work, but still "Ullu da Pattha" suits the story and the mood.The characters are well written and each one has played his/her part accordingly. The fake Osama deserves a special mention off-course.It is technically a weak film and looks amateurish with director Abhishek Sharma in his debut work.
Overall its a 90 mins movie with loads of fun, no cliches, no songs and dances and a perfect stress buster for sure.


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